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Laundry Room

Our laundry room is pretty tiny, but it can be cute!  I had high hopes for this room. It’s been painted about 5 different colors since we’ve moved in.  I finally went with the greige color that I absolutely love and I believe it his here to stay!  There is not much kitchen storage in our kitchen so Ryan made the closet in the laundry room a pantry with a pull out.  It’s been amazing and we store all of our pantry and easily accessible things for the kiddos in there.  We had a wash sink that we never used, it just was the carry all for everything.  I have been wanting a cute locker area for the boys, but I wasn’t totally set on the idea of having one in our garage…well, I came home from work and the hubby had surprised me!  He removed the sink and put in a little area for our coats, hats, mittens, back packs, and shoes!  Here are some photos!


(This is a photo before the new paint color!)